Openings >> Notice of Job Vacancy -517- FOREMAN/WOMAN, LIGHT, WORKING WATER- Bidding ONLY__
Notice of Job Vacancy -517- FOREMAN/WOMAN, LIGHT, WORKING WATER- Bidding ONLY__
Title:Notice of Job Vacancy -517- FOREMAN/WOMAN, LIGHT, WORKING WATER- Bidding ONLY__
Salary Range:$51.91
Application Deadline:04/26/2024
Position Status:Full-Time
Requested Position Title:N/A
Department Name:N/A
Number of Vacancies:N/A
Date:  April 17, 2024
Job #: 517
Job Class: 54080
Job Title: Foreman/Woman, Light, Working, Water

Directly Reports To: Distribution Operations Supervisor
Job Description:

FOREMAN/WOMAN, WORKING, LIGHT, WATER An employee who possesses the necessary knowledge and skill through experience and training to work with and direct the activities of semi-skilled personnel engaged in light construction, maintenance or replacement of facilities. Must have successfully completed a Nevada State Fitter apprenticeship. Must be skilled in the crafts in which they work and possess sufficient knowledge of all tools and equipment which they may have occasion to use or to be used under their direction and guidance. They must be able to interpret plans, sketches, specifications and written instruction. Must be thoroughly familiar with the work procedures and methods for the area of responsibility assigned. Must possess sufficient familiarity with symbols and dimensions as related to plans. Will be required to keep time for themselves, as well as the crew under their supervision and prepare proper notes and records, as well as other clerical work associated with their job and crew. Must be capable of writing with clarity in a neat and legible fashion. Employees must maintain a State of Nevada Grade III Water Distribution certification.


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All bids shall be submitted through the electronic application tracking system used by the Company. To access the internal application section of the electronic application tracking system, visit

If a prospective bidder is unable to access the internet during the bidding period, then they may request via email that Human Resources submit a bid on their behalf. The Company will not consider any bid submitted later than the closing date on the posted bid/job announcement form.

Bid Closing Date: April 26, 2024
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications