Openings >> Notice of Job Vacancy - 523 -TECHNICIAN, WATER SERVICE - Bidding ONLY__
Notice of Job Vacancy - 523 -TECHNICIAN, WATER SERVICE - Bidding ONLY__
Title:Notice of Job Vacancy - 523 -TECHNICIAN, WATER SERVICE - Bidding ONLY__
Salary Range:$45.44
Application Deadline:06/16/2024
Position Status:Full-Time
Requested Position Title:Water Service Technician
Department Name:Distribution
Number of Vacancies:1
Date: June 07, 2024
Job #: 523
Job Class: 54060
Job Title: Technician, Water Service

Directly Reports To: Distribution Operations Supervisor

Job Description:


An employee who is a Fitter or equivalent. His background of apprentice training and experience must be such as to qualify him to perform these duties with skill and efficiency. Must be able to learn the application of pipe locator equipment, determine leak locations in regard to Company or customer side of curb cock and investigate water customer complaints. Will be required to set and remove water meters and remote readers. Will be required to check for and investigate tampered or damaged water meters, remote readers, and remote cables as well as repair or replace remote cables. May be required to assist in the field with the testing of water meters. May be required to change recording instrument charts at various locations. Will be required to make water cutouts and water cut-ins. Servicemen will test, adjust and repair all classes (sizes) of water meters. Must be familiar with water fittings and system pressures. Must maintain a State of Nevada Grade II Water Distribution certification and must maintain a Backflow Prevention Assembly General Tester certification. Successful bidder will have 90 days to obtain a Backflow Prevention Assembly General Tester certification.

Wage Scale:
Start: $45.44

All bids shall be submitted through the electronic application tracking system used by the Company. To access the internal application section of the electronic application tracking system, visit

If a prospective bidder is unable to access the internet during the bidding period, then they may request via email that Human Resources submit a bid on their behalf. The Company will not consider any bid submitted later than the closing date on the posted bid/job announcement form.

Bid Closing Date: June 16, 2024
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications